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Welcome! Our ultramodern Colonic and Weight Loss centre is located at the centre of Etobicoke, Toronto. Lassen Colonic Centre offers a cutting edge, advanced approach to the classical practice of colon hydrotherapy. We integrate this natural approach to cleansing and detoxification with the most up-to-date technology and the best possible consultations and treatment programs, set in a professional, yet relaxing and tranquil environment. At Lassen Colonic Centre (Toronto), we believe that a healthy digestive tract will get you on the right track to vibrant health, vitality and a slim, trim body!

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Colonic is a natural procedure which does not disrupt the natural functioning of the intestinal system. Healthy intestines are the basis of an overall healthy body and healthy life! Read more about Colon Hydrotherapy

Body Wrap

Body wrap is an exceptionally pleasant procedure and one of the best gifts a woman can give herself. The wrap immerses you in a world of aromas and ether oils combined with far infrared heat. The result? Detoxification, rejuvenation, inches lost, cellulite reduced, silky-smooth skin and total relaxation. What more could you want? Read more about Body Wrap


Pressotherapy is a unique set of methods to model a body. It came to cosmetology from the medical field and it enjoys a growing demand due to its high effectiveness in treating cellulite, puffiness and skin flabbiness. Read more about Pressotherapy

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Colonic in Toronto.

A lot of people today lead very stressful and busy lifestyles. And very often we’re eating food that contains too many processed, refined carbohydrates, rancid fats, chemical additives and preservatives, MSG, excess sodium, and many other toxic substances. Caffeine, alcohol, sugar, chlorinated water, pharmaceutical and over-the-counter drugs, pesticides and heavy metals…the list of toxic substances we’re exposed to is vast. Nowadays, it’s easy to see why so many people are suffering from chronic digestive problems as our bodies are burdened by these toxins and eliminating them becomes difficult. Many people today are constipated and don’t even know it. They’ve been feeling tired, sluggish, bloated, irritated, and overweight for so long it begins to seem normal. They don’t even realize that the cause is constipation and that it’s a serious danger to their health! Is rotting, decaying waste trapped in your digestive system? Could it be slowly poisoning your health? If you’re like many of our patients, the answer is “Yes” and Colon Hydrotherapy can help.

About Us

Lassen Colonic Centre (Toronto) specializes in working with clients who have digestion problems, one of the primary causes of most serious pathologies. For many years, scientists studying premature aging factors, cancer triggers, heart disease, skin problems and obesity came to the conclusion that they are interrelated. At the root of most of them is chronic intoxication of the organism. The chronic intoxication can be of two origins: intoxication by environmental products (contaminated air, water, food) and by internal products (toxins produced from undigested food decay, fecal deposits and products of malicious bacteria or parasites, etc.)Lassen Colonic Centre is dedicated to alleviating problems related to internal intoxication. Healthy digestion and regularity are fundamental to a healthy body. Constipation, diarrhea, and bloating are serious problems. And they often set the stage for even more critical issues if they go untreated.

Lassen Colonic Centre (Toronto) is dedicated to alleviating problems related to internal intoxication. 

Healthy digestion and regularity are fundamental to a healthy body. Constipation, diarrhea, and bloating are serious problems. And they often set the stage for even more critical issues if they go untreated. 

Experience acquired in the process of working with our clients demonstrates that most serious health conditions (cancer, obesity, diabetes, early female menopause, male prostatitis) are the result of chronic gastrointestinal problems such as constipation, diarrhea, bloating, food allergies and intolerances and gastritis.

The relationship is evident. The consumption of food is understood as receiving necessary substances required for the normal life activity of healthy cells. The digestion process includes breakdown of food into required elements, such as protein, fat, hydrocarbons, vitamins and minerals and their absorption. It also includes elimination of wastes which are toxic. If the bowel movement does not occur on time (16 to 24 hours after meals), the unreleased waste begins to intoxicate the organism. This process is called chronic autointoxication. Toxins that are not eliminated via proper bowel movements are reabsorbed from the colon into the blood stream, causing health problems over time.

Here are some client examples:


A female, 38, height: 5.3 inches, weight: 183, blood pressure: 160/100 (increased). Diagnoses: obesity, IBS, a sigmoid intestine polyp. Complaints: chronic fatigue syndrome, sweating, constipation 4 times a week since her teens, bloating, acne on the forehead and chin, lower limb puffiness. This client also said she could not reduce weight despite her rigid diet and many years in the gym.


A male, 37, height: 5.9 inches, weight: 176, B.P.: 120/100-N. Diagnosis: 1st stage (initial) colon cancer. In 2010, a surgery to remove the tumour was performed. Complaints: chronic constipation, 2 to 3 times a week, since 18. bloating, gas, lactose intolerance, acute abdominal pain.


A female, 28, height: 5.4 inches, weight: 194, B.P.: 110/80-N. Diagnoses: acne, 2nd stage obesity, IBS. Complaints: chronic constipation 2 times a week, bloating, gas, feeling heavy in the stomach, chronic fatigue, memory problems.


A male, 32, height: 172 centimetres, weight: 143, B.P. -N. Diagnosis: psoriasis covering up to 85 percent of skin. Complaints: besides skin condition complaints, he had chronic constipation since childhood, bloating, starch intolerance, lactose intolerance, and chronic fatigue.

 All of these examples clearly demonstrate the relationship of digestion problems with serious pathologies, which could be prevented if their cause – chronic autointoxication – was treated in a timely fashion.